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Peace Plant
A stunning display of peace and tranquility with a modern twist!  Our 10" spathiphyllum plant was ca..
Your Price: $89.99
Birthday Dish Garden
Send a beautiful dish garden plant to celebrate a birthday! The Birthday Dish Garden is created with..
Your Price: $49.99
Colorful Kalanchoe!
Add a pretty touch of color to any room with our beautiful kalanoche plant. This delicate flowering ..
Your Price: $34.99
Succulent Garden
Enjoy succulent delivery with the Succulent Garden is a lovely and adaptable arrangement. A variety ..
Your Price: $39.99
Simply Elegant Spathiphyllum
Give peace a chance! Also known as the Peace Lily, the spathiphyllum plant enchants everyone with it..
Your Price: $52.99
European Dish Garden
Give a gift of lasting smiles by sending this eye-pleasing European Dish Garden..
Your Price: $39.99
Classic Peace Lily Plant
This beautiful Peace Lily Plant is blooming with stunning white flowers. The Peace Lily is a wonderf..
Your Price: $39.99
Butterfly Dish Garden
This vibrant plant is full of personality, combining a modern and stylish look with a blend of old w..
Your Price: $44.99
Emerald Garden Basket
The gift of greenery! Sure to freshen up any room of the home or office, this delightful assortment ..
Your Price: $59.99
Classic Dish Garden
Stunning varieties of fresh green plants are used to create our classic dish garden gift. Echoing a ..
Your Price: $34.99
Philodendron Garden
Give a gift that lasts with this lush philodendron garden. Expertly arranged in a classic planter, t..
Your Price: $44.99
Plants-A-Plenty - Deluxe
This Classic Dish Garden contains a beautiful variety of fresh green plants are used to create the p..
Your Price: $54.99
Basket of Joy
Now here's a low-maintenance relationship everyone loves! Potted kalanchoe plants are flowering, tro..
Your Price: $52.99
Blooming Easter Lily
Easter lilies symbolize purity and innocence, so what better way to celebrate Easter or the beginnin..
Your Price: $34.99
Bountiful Blooming Garden Basket
Leave a lasting impression with this bountiful display of style and freshness. Blooming kalanchoe an..
Your Price: $64.99
Plants-A-Plenty - Large
A Dish Garden is the perfect plant to send for many occasion. Arranged by a local florist, this fres..
Your Price: $64.99
Modern Succulent Garden
Succulents are super trendy right now, so why not send your most fashion forward friend this ultra m..
Your Price: $79.99
Poinsettia Plant
A tried-and-true tradition, the Christmas poinsettia's natural red and green palette makes it a holi..
Your Price: $39.99
Gratitude Garden Basket
What a thoughtful way of expressing your thanks! This assortment of lush green plants including dief..
Your Price: $39.99
Dish Gardens are popular gifts to send for every occasion from celebrating a birthday to sending you..
Your Price: $44.99
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