Zen Artistry
Send a artistic floral bouquet inspired by zen design. With a modern sculpture design, this floral bouquet is created with purple orchids, mini bamboo and green carnations will improve a home's feng shui. Includes:..
Brilliant Orchid Bouquet
Do you have an elegant lady in your life? This bouquet of orchids and roses will do the trick to impress your lady love who's into the finer things in life. Giving classic red roses is always a great choice, but adding in modern purple orchids with t..
Sensational Cymbidium Orchid
Zen is the art of reflection and meditation, and this striking flower arrangement of one tall green cymbidium orchid stem - swathed in ti leaves and presented in a clear glass cylinder - is simplicity perfected. Stunning in a business setting, and eq..
Opulent Pink Orchid
Orchids are famous for their elegance, boasting an exotic mix of delicacy, drama and mysterious allure. She is certain to smile when you lavish her with this beautiful orchid plant. Measures 24"H by 8"L. Includes:..
Splendid Orchid Bouquet
Send this elegant bouquet full of orchids and roses to a special person in your life. Delicately arranged by a local florist, your recipient will be impressed with the freshness and beauty that this arrangement exudes.Arrangement Height 22", Length 9..
Opulent Orchids - Single
An exotic single Phalaenopsis orchid adds elegant beauty and peaceful serenity to any setting. Easy to care for, this stunning orchid is the perfect gift for delivery. Delivered by a local florist with a card message written by you.Measures 12"H by 1..
Opulent Orchids - Double
With double the enjoyment, two Phalaenopsis orchid plants adds elegant beauty and peaceful serenity to any setting. Florist delivered plants available today. Measures 12"H by 10"L.Includes:..
Opulent Orchids - Deluxe
Triple Phalaenopsis orchids adds elegant beauty and peaceful serenity to any setting. These white flowers are majestic and a stunning gift to send your thoughts. Delivered in a unique colorful pot, with a card message. Measures 12"H by 10"L. Includes..
White Elegance Bouquet
This elegant arrangement will impress the recipient and bring beauty to her home or office. Arranged with delicate orchids and lavender roses, your local florist will hand-deliver straight to your doors. Note: Silver ribbon may not be exactly as pict..
Aloha Sunset
It's a tropical treasure! A stunning modern arrangement featuring orange bi-color roses and fresh yellow cymbidium orchids, this beautiful bouquet seems to glow with the warm spirit of Aloha.Includes:..
Ivory and Emerald
Sun kissed with hues of the emerald isle - this refreshing and tropical arrangement is truly a one of a kind! A modern and luxurious look is created by groups of white roses, white dendrobium orchids, and lime green cymbidum orchids filled out with g..
Fantasy Found
Minimalist beauty abounds in this unique mix of orchids, gladioli and leucadendron. Delivered in a large bamboo cube, it's sure to impress men and women alike.Includes:..
New Sensations
Like a girl's getaway to the tropics! Feminine flowers in tropical pastels brighten her day - and her feng shui. She'll love the beautiful serenity and balanced, Zen-like feel of the lush pink and green blooms.Details: • Green Cymbidium Orchids • Pur..
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