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Flowers can be called mother nature’s smile and her laughter. This mother nature’s smile that is abundantly visible all around us in a wide variety. A type of flower which one likes the most is a matter of personal preference. Here is a brief description of flowers that charm most of us and are loved by most of us.


One of the most popular flowers in the world, a rose has thousands of varieties, colors, and hues. They are popular to grow in gardens and a very popular bouquet flower. This flower is also a botanist’s delight as every year they develop new varieties with different colors, sizes, petal shapes. No wonder a Rose is a quintessential flower to please your love.


This tall beauty is also very admired for its looks. This showy flower is one of the most desired flowers in bouquets. The most common colors are yellow, white, and orange. Stargazer lily is the most exotic member of the lily family. Lilies are gentle on the eyes and are loved by all, making them a great bouquet flower.


Daisies are cute, charming flowers that are included in bouquets. Daisies grow in the wild as well as in the gardens. One of the most popular varieties of Daisies is the Gerbera Daisy, the one with the most prominent face and a large head. Like others in the flower fraternity, they also come in many colors. They are also not very expensive.


Tulips are our most loved overseas guests. They mostly grow in Holland and are shipped overnight. They stay good for a week. The tulips are so elegant and happy looking that one poet while admiring God quoted.” there is God in the Tulips that makes them so gay” (gay means happy here).


The unmissable prince charming of the flower family. They are the most glamorous and dearest member of the floral family. Its bright rich purple color makes it stand out. Other than purple, they also come in a variety of different colors, which make them an amazing gift for every occasion that there is

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