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Parents are living Gods. They are the people who spent their lives building yours, and they certainly deserve a big piece of your emotions, respect and care. The best way is to be with them each day and a better way is to be with them with flowers. If one goes by the contribution in our lives, each day is Parents day, but to show and give our regards and love, make them feel special, make them feel loved, we celebrate Parents Day on fourth Sunday of July (23rd July this year). Great time to send them, or better, take with you a vibrant bunch of flowers for them.

Although parents love anything their children give them with love but if it is a fresh, same day flower bouquet which is properly and professionally arranged, their joy will be doubled.

Here are a few ideas.

  • - A bouquet of pink Roses which shows grace, gentility and happiness is a mark of gratitude.
  • - A bunch of Lilies in the bouquet denotes friendship you have with your parents.
  • - Myrtle flowers show love between your parents and love you have for them.
  • - Yellow Lilies are a great way to show your thankfulness towards your heroes, your mom and dad.
  • - Orange is a colour of joy, warmth, happiness. Orange flowers will show the joy you feel for them, the mutual warmth and happiness in being with them.
  • - How can one forget Mother Nature’s best colour? Green. It stands for health, resilience (they showed many times when at odds with life), good fortune.

One can have a bouquet with multiple flowers which are carefully arranged to show a vibrant mix of natural colours and more importantly …your feelings.

Just add a message card to this bunch of your respects towards them, showing how special your parents are. The card can read something like “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my parents”.

Lastly, to add more joy and to show your admiration for them, add their favourite chocolates to the gift. Their lit-up faces and happy hearts will make your day…. or shall we say your life, for sure.

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