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Anything well-arranged and well showcased adds more vibrance and values to the space and if the things are flowers, one of nature’s most beautiful gift, the chore becomes very interesting and rewarding. It also gives one a chance to show one’s artistic edge.

Given below are some easy Do-it-yourself steps that will add beauty and gaiety to your flowers and the surroundings.

Step 1- Unpack the flowers and arrange them on a table. This will help you to make a mental note of “how to arrange flowers in the vase”, determine the size of the vase.

Step 2 – Clean the stems, remove extra leaves, as submerged leaves are a cause of bacteria formation in water.

Step 3 – Keep the flowers besides the vase and cut the flowers to required height. The height of flowers in the front should be less than flowers that will be placed at the rear. The stem should be cut diagonally to ensure maximum water absorption and a longer life.

Step 4 – Pour water in the vase until it is half full.

Step 5 – Add flower food to this water. Make sure it is mixed in water, if not, please stir till it mixes.

Step 6 – You can put greenery in the vase so that the colourful flowers stand out. This will make the colourful flowers more beautifully visible. Remember the contrast in your dress that made heads turn.

Step 7 – Now start with adding your Dominant flowers in the vase. (Dominant flowers are the ones that are your favourites or the biggest or the most beautiful) Please make sure to spread them in the vase.

Step 8 – Now add other flowers in between. They will create a sort of natural symmetry and add to the beauty of entire flower vase.

Step 9 – You can try a new arrangement after 1 or 2 days to keep getting the feeling of freshness. At the same time you must also change water.

Step 10 – Place the vase in a cool, dry place which is most visible.

Now have the pleasure of constant company of most ravishing natural beauty on your aisle.

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