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Gerbera Daisies are flowers that give you a friendly smile when you look at them. One can also say that they return your smile. In order to keep them smiling one needs to regale them a bit at regular intervals.

It is not hard work, just a little care for something that you love and something that makes you happy. Here are a few tips that will extend their youth and life: -

  1. Gerbera Daisies come with tubes on their stems (to keep them straight) and net on the blooms to keep the petals intact. So please do not remove the tubes and nets until the flower vase is ready.
  2. While you are arranging the vase please put the wrapped flowers in water for 2 to 3 hours (Gerbera Daisy is a thirsty flower).
  3. Once the flowers are hydrated and the vase is ready, fill the vase with warm water and then add flower food to keep the Gerberas fit and young for long. If flower food is not available then you can give them a wholesome meal which is homemade. (½ teaspoon sugar + teaspoon lemon juice + 4 drops of bleach + 4 cups of water).
  4. Before putting the flowers in vase, cut them from bottom (roughly 1 inch) at a slanting angle. Please keep the stems under water while cutting,
  5. Remove leaves that submerge in water as they rot with time and fall into water. This is harmful for flower’s health as it gives rise to bacteria.
  6. Now strip the tubes and net and arrange all the stems according to height, size of flowers or your liking.
  7. You can add other flowers if you love to have more colours on your aisle. 
  8. PLEASE NOTE - to prevent flowers from wilting, please recut the stem (under water) and change the water daily.
  9. Please keep removing spent leaves to keep the beauty ever so fresh and young. 
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