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Lily has a white or coloured bloom atop a green stalk. This perennial flower looks stunning if it is properly showcased. Good care prolongs its health and colour. This can be done with just a little effort, with things available at home. Here are a few tips to keep this stunning, long legged beauty gorgeous for a long time.

  1. First things first, unwrap the Bouquet.
  2. Please handle the Lily by its stem.  Remove all leaves that are below water level.
  3. Cut the bottom ½ inch of the stem using sharp knife or scissors. This cut should be angular (45 degrees preferably), not straight.
  4. Take a clean vase and fill it with distilled water, if distilled water is not available use tap water BUT this tap water should be allowed to rest in the vase for 24 hours to remove chemicals which might harm.
  5. Now we must arrange for proper nutritious diet for this beauty. For this add flower food to water. If this flower food is not available add 3 tablespoons of Sprit or 7 up to water. The citric acid in these soft beverages keep them nourished and preserved.
  6. Now place the flowers into vase in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  7. Now we have the vaseful of lilies embellishing our home, but to keep them looking lovely for a longer time we have to pamper them a little after 3 days, it is just a 5 to 10-minute routine.
  8. Cut the stem another ½ inch and also replace the water and flower food and place it. For the lilies to remain healthy and happy for a long time please follow our small set of advice: -
    -Handle the flowers as little as possible.
    -Avoid touching the flower. In a nutshell make a quick transfer to the vase without touching the petals.
    - Get the right tools, that is, the knife and the scissors to cut and trim the stem should be sharp not blunt. This will give a clean cut and undamaged stem. 
    All this will ensure the presence of these beauties around you for a longer time, who wouldn’t love that?
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