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Dear Fellow Domainers,

Over the past 17 years we have acquired some great domains. We have focused in the flower business for many years. Beginning in 1996 with and

During a recent TRAFFIC conference, Rob Grant and I were breaking bread and chatting. He mentioned that he had a few old flower and related domains. Three word URL’s, long tail domains. Rob persisted that we need to work together. I agreed to give him $10.00 per order and he pointed the domains to our Rackspace servers the following week. He is now generating money every month. Many other domainers are taking advantage of this opportunity.

If you are a Domainer, we are pleased to offer you the same arrangement if you’d like to point your domain to a special page on our system. We will pay you $10.00 for any orders that come through your channel. No catch, no expired cookies. Any Flower (.com) domain with Bouquet, Flower, Flowers, or Florist in the URL would do the best. Please do not go register new domains.

Because of the accounting involved, I am limiting this offer to legitimate Domainers only. If you have an interest, contact me at or my cell 479-721-1010. Don’t forget we are in the coffee business with

Best Regards,

Bill and Jammie McClure


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